Polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) film can be used as an electronically controlled switchable window in place of conventional curtains, blinds or partitions. It offers privacy and enhances the décor in offices and residences. In the haze state with the power OFF, PDLC film provides instant privacy. In the transparent state with the power ON, it provides visibility and creates an open space. PDLC film has additional advantages, such as the shatterproof option for safety, or the adhesive option for convenient installation.
Office / Residence
Install on existing surfaces as an effective alternative to curtains and blinds or to create partitions.
사무실,주거 on,off사진
건축용 on,off사진
건축용 on,off사진
Maximize the use of limited spaces, arrange rooms and open areas organically, enhance the décor.
호텔 on,off사진
호텔 on,off사진
Factory / Laboratory
Protect sensitive information from without and increase focus within.
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Protect patient privacy, maximize use of space, enhance the décor.
병원 on,off사진
병원 on,off사진
- Interior decoration
Add style to the décor with a variety of effects that are easy and convenient to achieve.
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공간 인테리어 on,off사진
Use energy and cost saving technology to block UV and IR rays in the summer and prevent heat from escaping in the winter.
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