Projection screen

프로젝션 스크린용

프로젝션 스크린용,영상을 투영하여 자유로운 디지털 표현이 가능하며 시스템을 연계하여  대형 스크린으로도 사용할 수 있습니다.

Adhesive PDLC film can be installed on window panes and glass walls to be used as a projection screen. Multiple projection systems can be connected to create one large high-quality screen. The screen makes it possible to project digital images freely when needed. For example, it can be used by stores to advertise and drive sales. The screen in its clear state during the day acts as a window to keep the store visible. At night, it becomes a projection screen that advertises the store or product.
Use as an unobtrusive, space-saving projection screen in offices and residences.
on,off,프로젝터 적용 사진
Shop / Showroom
Install in show window as an advertising tool, especially effective at night.
on,off,프로젝터 적용 사진
on,off 쇼룸 적용 사진
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