큐시스 전경사진, Light  technology for Q-sys
Q-Sys is
an innovative company specializing in leading light technology.
We supply polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) glass and film products that are used to make switchable windows in construction, optical shutters in electronics, projection screens, sunroofs in automobiles, and more.

We offer quality that comes from 15 years of expertise and experience. We currently hold several Korean and international patents on key technologies related to PDLC and UV curable materials.

We are the only PDLC company with comprehensive capabilities that range from treating raw materials to manufacturing. Our innovative process allows us to offer PDLC film at a reasonable market prices.

We lead the field in customer satisfaction because we respond to our customers’real world needs. We offer prompt and attentive services to go with our line of energy and cost saving products.
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